Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chuck Baird’s art website has updated and expanded so is the online shop affordable for your collection or as a gift for someone!

    I am pleased to announce that this website has several overdue updates. There are many more of new artworks posted in the gallery, along with an expanded choice of reprints. The new addition, “self interview” is also there for your research or term paper by reading the common questions I wrote for you with the answers ideal for the   Deaf studies and De’VIA related.
So please feel free to lick for a quick browse;

I’m also excited to announce the establishment of the Chuck Baird Foundation for the Visual Arts (CBFVA). Its mission is to fundraise for various programs focused on promoting emerging deaf visual artists and educating people about art appreciation, among other goals.

To learn more about CBFVA and how to support the organization, visit 

Thank you for visiting my websites.